My name is Kadri, I live in Estonia and I’m an emotion seeker!
I decided to create this blog to share emotions about my travels and an active lifestyle worth writing about. I’ll do my best to keep these pages here up-to-date!
After the trips this year to Sochi and Kilimanjaro, many people told me that I should keep an updated travel blog. I’ve met some wonderful people during my trips, who are interested in reading about my experiences. Hence why the blog’s travel part is in English and begins with retrospectives of these trips.
In addition to travelling, I like to experience new things. I work as a freelance journalist and write mostly about a sporty and healthy lifestyle. So this was another reason I felt the need and pressure to share these experiences while trying out all the new things in the world! I will share my thoughts about training, exercise equipment, and health services and the rest of my activities I’ll keep to myself. This part of my blog is mostly in Estonian.